Turning is fun, always fun and while sometimes things don't go to plan, it still make for a fun piece of fire wood to entertain your guests.  This page is filled with fun projects I have made, some to just test my skills, or for running turning demonstrations.
Spheres.  In a world of plastic and technology, the skills to make spheres (round balls) is something of a lost art.  The early snooker balls and bowling ball were all turned by hand on a wood lathe.  They are done freehand, no "artificial intelligence," just good old "craftsman's intelligence."  I turned some of these at a demo for some other woodturners.  They cover a range of woods like cherry, ask, holly and so on.  They are very tactile, you can't help but play with them in your hand or roll them alone the floor.  There is a higher skill level in turning spheres but not magic.  To push the boat out a bit I wanted to make a sphere box.  This has many complexities to consider when making one.  In the end the outcome was ok, it has a nice friction fit lid and could hide you best rings inside.
Just some of the nut crackers I have made.  Not so popular these day as non-shelled nuts are rare and often more expenses that shelled nuts.  However, It's a nice project to make with some threading to do.  Can you see the scoop and barrel styled ones???
Talking about nuts.  Here is a different type of nut with bolt.  Just a fun project that looks great on the office desk of coffee table for visitors to ponder.  Made from beech.  When my children were very young I make them all wooden work benches with wooden vices and a range of wooden bolts, screws and tools.  I kept a few for myself to play with.  
This little collection is interesting.  A small spalted beech vase, a range of goblets and some wine bottle stoppers.  The tall goblet is about 250mm tall.  They were turned out of green Hawthorn in one turning session.  The stopper corks are not as popular for wine these day as many wines come with screw tops.  However, a nice wooden bottle top presents your wine to you guests much nicer than with a tin lid.  Also they work great on bottles that you make you salad dressing in.  
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