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Woodturning is an ancient craft that provided individuals & communities with bowls, plates & platters to eat from as well as many other essential items.  Today people are starting to appreciate wood once again the the value of such a natural resource.  It is also one of the safes vessels to eat from, which surprises many people.  Many of our native hard wood have their own way of killing off bacteria.  Plastic, glass or ceramic dishes will not do that.  That's why people have used wood plates, bowls and spoons for thousands of years with no issues.  
There are many reason I love to use wood for all kinds of tools, furniture.  Each piece is unique and tells it's own story.  I love to share this with friends and today Paul, a paddling friend, and his 86 yr old dad Ralph, joined me at the Beaver Tooth woodshop for a day on the wood lathes making a small 6" x 1" dish.  It could be  used at camp or look great in the home.  
We started with safety & basic tool set up and control.  A couple of hours of spindle turning to teach the basic skills of some of the tools for the day.  After an early lunch, it was time to put new learned skill to test and make the dish.  There were many challenges for all along the way but in the end satisfaction and enjoyment was on high supply, as was tea/coffee and my wife Sue's home bakes.  On top of all the learning and success, the day was very special as Paul and his dad create a day of great memories.  
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