Paddling your canoe is only one part of the canoeing experience.  The equipment and kit we use is all an equal part of the enjoyment.  For example, the pleasure of using equipment you made yourself such as a paddle, or for camping and cooking a hand made dish, bowl or spoon add to the overall feel of living in the forest.  Why not take advantage of Beaver Tooth's workshop and my skill to make you own paddle or do some woodturning to make a dish or bowl and then carve your own spoon to complete the set.  These session are great fun, very enjoyable and moderately challenging.  They are also great gifts for that special person in your life; birthday, Christmas, anniversary, part of a weekend break or just for yourself.  Sign up for one of the following courses and get hands on with wood.
Woodturning a dish   -   27 October 2018            (1 day)
Paddle making           -   1 & 2 December 2018    (2 day) 
Paddle making           -   18 & 19 January 2019     (2 days)
Spoon carving            -   26 January 2019            (1 day)
Woodturning a bowl   -   2 February 2019            (1 day)
Spoon carving             -   9 February 2019           (1 day)
Spoon carving             -   10 March 2019              (1 day)  
Paddle making            -   27-28 March                 (2 day)
Wood day-your choice -   4 or 5 May                    (2 individual days book 1 or 2, depending on skill your choice can be turning or carving e.g. spoon, bowl or  cup making - need to        have completed the bowl turning course to turn a cup.  Talk to me about you interest & we will see what you can do).
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