2020 will go down in history as the year that changed all our lives due the COVID 19 pandemic.  Lives were turned upside down, thousands across the world got sick and also died.  Every part of family and personal life, education, travel, economic, the NHS and supply chains all felt the uncertainty, pain and fear of the future from COVID 19.  Among those affected but their story often unheard were young people.  This project tells the story of a small group of teenagers from the Waveney Youth Centre in Ballymena of how COVID 19 impacted their lives.  I was felt that by expressing their story on a totem pole, their experience could be shared with future young people for years to come.
The project involved 4 face to face sessions with the group.  As COVID 19 was rife, strict safety procedures had to be taken; social distancing, sanitiser, masks for adults and that the carving of the totem was carried out at my personal workshop without any young people present. 
This page is more like a blog being updated throughout the process with photos, video and text.  It will be shared with the senior youth leader at Waveney Youth Centre who can in turn share the blog with the group.  The page will roughly include the following:
1.  Meeting the young people, hearing their story, turning their story into art work and themes.
2.  Sourcing the materials.
3.  Fine turning the design and planning.
4.  Start prepping the log.
5.  Carving the pole.
6.  Finishing the pole.
7.  The poles new home.

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