The origin of the North American Fur Trade era started with the French explorer Jacques Cartier in his three voyages into the Gulf of St. Lawrence in the 1530s and 1540s.  He conducted some of the earliest fur trading between European and Native Americans or First Nations people.  The fur trade lasted into the 1800s, but after about 1840, silk became more fashionable than fur.  Until then, beaver pelts were the main fur sought after because of the close knit fur close to the skin; this was made to make hats etc.  However, trapping did not completely stop, there are still people today who make a living out of trapping.  Today a beaver pelt cost around $120 to $160, a buffalo pelt between $3500 to $6000.  These pelts are taking and sold by registered dealers to ensure nothing illegal takes place and natural cults happen.
The era brought a melting pot of skills, cultures, clothing & dress styles, foods, cooking, cooking methods, tools, weapons, adornments, trading styles as well as strife, wars, greed, fear, death and unthinkable suffering to many.  These time were tough for men and women alike.  the average live of a mountain man was 3 years.  His main threats were the weather, bears and the natives.  
This page is about listing my personal interests of the era and to post my photo or friends photos of the tools, weapons or personal dress of the time.  I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I have enjoyed following this passion. 
The photo just below of me in costume and the flintlock sparks were part of my church camera club.  We are also doing a project for a photo exhibition called. "From Another Time." As you can see, these photo would fit into that exhibition. 
Me, 18th century era.
Me, 18th century era.
Well I hope you enjoyed these photos.  Keep checking out my website for more photos from this era and other events and workshops I run.  
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