The River Cusher runs through Clare Glenn and Tandargee. It is one of my local rivers, but for some reason I never paddled it until now.  I guess I always felt I had tomorrow to paddle it and just never did. However, Alan Bates (Known as Big Al on the "Song of the Paddle" wrote a nice blog of or day and he took all these photos and videos.  Alan and Andy Carden were my paddling buddies; you couldn't ask for a better 2 guys to paddle with.  Also Nell my dog joined us but she walked the 2 weirs.  The Cusher is a beautiful river.  In flood it is very fast and lots of overhanging trees to greet you as you descend.  It does take some care so not a novice river in flood conditions.
If a face expression is worth 1000 words these 2 photo tell the entire story. Andy picks his line, the memory of it going wrong here before not to far away.  Me, well, I'm ready just in case and not a bit excited at all.  
No rescue needed.  Andy preps for the second part.  Spot Nell supervising as usual.  
Let's see this all in video, I hope you enjoy some shots from our day.  Again, thanks to Big Al for the photos and videos.  Check out his blog on the "Song of the Paddle."
Well that's it from our day on the Cusher.  If you haven't done it before I highly recommend it.  Just be aware in flood it is fast with lots of trees. Lower it is technical.  We portaged the second weir as there were lots of branches and a healthy shopper. As Big Al said, none of us had anything to prove.  For me, I just didn't feel I was on my A game, tired from a previous week of paddling.  Thanks for watching and don't forget to like and share.  Check out the rest of my website while here and check out my courses too.
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