Open canoeing is a growing paddlesport discipline with 100's of paddlers enjoying the social life that naturally comes with open boating; camping, expeditions, paddling scenic rivers and lakes.  It also enable the paddler to exploit the energy the natural environment give us. For example sailing, lining & tracking, poling and snubbing.  With the adventurous spirit now seeking new experiences on waters near and far, it is important that the paddler is equipped with the knowledge and skills both to paddle in more demanding environments, but also to have the ability to lead confidently and competently keeping themselves and others safe.  In support of such needs, Beaver Tooth is offering 2 courses:
Moderate Water Canoe Leader Training -        23-24 February 2019
*Moderate Water Canoe Leader Training -       26-28 April 2019
* This is a camping trip to Wicklow, Avonmore.  It is suitable for anyone with G2 experience who wants to extend there skills for their own personal experience or work for MWCL award.  After this weekend you would need to complete 1 day open water to complete MWCL training.  Depending on the weather and group availability, we may run that session on the Friday in the Wicklow area or the following weekend. The trip is to give you good experience on paddling and leading on good G2 with maybe some G2+ water.  Contact me for more details. 
Note:  There is limited space in all these course so contact me now if you want a place.
Thank you!
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