Paddles come in many designs, shapes, woods and contrasts.  This paddles was commissioned for a female who wanted a paddle for all round use but good on moving water.  The design works well as tested by me.  It take on the power needed to move your boat on the rapid without over straining yet it has the same sq surface area of a more traditional style white water blade.  It is made of Irish Ash, and Cherry.  The loom is 1/4 sawn and the blade laminates are book matched crown cut.  There is an ash tongue inlaid tip which in my option is stronger to epoxy which has little to no flex.  The wood tip will usually hold even it the paddle splits.  Finished in multi coats of Tung oil the paddle has a lovely feel to it without giving hot spot and blisters during use.  That all said, this is a tool designed and made by me to be used, so look out on the water to see if you can see who owns it.  If you want a paddle made or you and some friend want to make you own, get in touch with me soon, follow the contact button. 
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