I made this mini tomahawk to practice forge welding. I'm well please with it for my first attempt.  It won't have much practical use as it's light, but it will do light chopping, make a feather stick for lighting a camp fire.  Construction process:
  1. Stock size; 130x30x6mm mild steel.
  2. Forged the centre out to 60x30x3mm.
  3. Forged the rap around a steel drift I made.
  4. Forged welded the sides together in my gas forge.
  5. Forged down a piece of car spring steel into a wedge shaped fillet.
  6. The front edge of the axe was split open and the spring steel fillet was hammered into           place and forged welded into the main axe; some filling and grinding to finish. 
   7. Heat treated in oil and tempered by drawing the residual heat down from the axe body.

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