One of the nice elements about camping is having good tools to make the experience enjoyable & memorable.  A good knife is such a tool.  They add pleasure to the campsite, where you can do all kinds of bushcraft, like carving, working with bark to make small canoes or boxes, etc.  They help with food prep for cooking or just admiring your knife and recalling the many adventures you have had with it.  The only thing to make that experience better is to have a knife hand crafted for you.  
Two of my paddling buddies, who are passionate about camping, Gareth Mahood and John Flett commissioned me to make them each one of my Beavertooth Bushcraft knives.  As a treat, I also made myself one.  Ray Mc Conville from Tennessee USA, also commissioned me to make him the smaller Beavertooth Dragonfly knife.  The knife is matched to a sheath that can be concealed in the pocket or clipped over a belt. All three have now joined the Beavertooth family.  All the knives and sheaths are my own designs hand made by myself. 
The photos were taken by 2 of my buddies from our church camera club; John Lewis and David Sleith.  My thanks to them for their help, for which I rewarded them by making them some hot-dogs at the end of the evening, enjoyed by all including Nell, my dog.  You will also see in campsite photos I am stitching a sheath for my small camp, carving axe.
Enjoy the photos and if you need a knife, contact me.
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