2020 has been a year most people want to forget, it had a negative impact on running BC Paddlesport courses.  However, looking forwards to 2021, hopefully we will be back on track.  There are new leadership awards being launched by BC in 4 January 2021 for all disciplines which give you, the paddler more choice.  I have been reviewing what courses I want to deliver for the national body and I have listed them below:
1. Personal skills - from Start to Advance award level in open canoe.  This is were you want to start out on you canoeing journey, learning how to explore in a boat while being safe.
2. Leadership - from basic to moderate.  This is perfect for those wanting to take some responsibility when paddling with friends, family, clubs or outdoor centres.
3. Paddlesport Instructor Award - The basic introduction to coaching and gives the award holder the skills to run safe, enjoyable, fun and learning taster paddlesport sessions.
4. Foundation Safety & Rescue Training (FSRT) - this is the basic flat water day training that you need for instructing or coaching on flat water.  It teaches you how to run safe sessions and how to rescue your learners when they fall into the water.
If you are interested in development in any of the above courses, either contact me or check the CANI website to see what course are running.  
Because of COVID I am not putting up a calendar.  If you and some friend, your club or centre want to complete one of these courses I'm happy to discuss when and how we can do this in a COVID safe world.
All syllabus and prerequisites can be found on British Canoeing or CANI websites.
Remember, take COVID safety as serious and you do water safety.
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