Who would think you would want a mouse in your house.  Well when you study these little guys and finally carve one, you get a entirely different perspective on the little rodent and yes you just want one in your house, that's a carved one of course.  
This we guy was a challenge.  Small for sure and I used Boxwood.  Boxwood is rare and very very hard.  In fact it was so hard I never used traditional hand tools at all.  This carving is 100% power carved.  I used a Dremel tool with burrs and then burned each hair into it with a pyrography pen.  The acorn was turned on my lathe and then textured to give it a real look and also to show that the mouse has eaten a good bit of it.  The log is a natural log that has been sealed.  The mouse, I aim to paint it at some stage.  I really like the natural look with the burnt on hair, however, I want to test my painting skill on this project.  My main concern is that the wood is so hard, that the hair isn't burned in far enough.  It needs to be texture enough that when I paint it you will see the outline of the hair, which is essential to give it a life look.  I will get the courage soon the paint it and then I will update this page.  So stay tuned. 
If you want a real treat into carving animals on walking sticks I highly recommend you watch the Stinnett Sticks YouTube channel.  He is very relaxing to watch but his skill is unequalled and inspirational.  Google Stinnett Sticks or click on this link or button below:

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