Whatever you needs are check out Beavertooth first to see what's running from January 2020.  The perfect Christmas, birthday or father's/mum's day gift.  
Bespoke craft & canoe skills courses to meet your needs, or those of your club or group, so get in touch now.  
As well as running workshops in canoe skills & crafts, I also make custom knives and paddles as well as other wood items.  If your in the market for something like this, please contact me to discuss your needs. 
Now explore my calendar below, pick what you want to do and get in touch.  
To keep up to date, please follow me on https://www.facebook.com/hugobeavertooth/ 
Also subscribe to my YouTube channel:   Youtube.com/hugobeavertooth
Have an enjoyable, safe & health 2020.
To make a booking or an enquiry about any course, please contact me on the form below or the contact detail on the calendar above.  If you have a group and want a bespoke course, talk to me as soon as possible so I can discuss and plan in your course.  
Thanks for showing an interest in Beavertooth. 
Thank you!
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